ImmUni project: Applied mechanobiology to improve cell advanced therapies

T cell therapies promise a tailor-made fight against cancer with a high prognosis for a long-lasting cure and also advance the treatment of rare diseases, for example multiple myeloma.
Fine-tuning the T cell phenotype ex vivo could be key to improve T cell fight against solid tumors that so far has not reached the desired therapeutic efficacy compared to hematological malignancies.
In this research work we explore and currently fine-tune biomechanical induced signaling to improve T cell functionality and exhaustion free survival within the harsh immunosuppressive tumor microenvironments.
In laboratory we have developed and continuously optimized nanoengineered substrates, that has been shown a strong potential to substantially enhanced T cell activation and expansion, while at the same time reducing T cell exhaustion (Aramesh et al. PNAS 2021).
Currently, we work closely together with key clinical collaborators and experts to validate this nanoengineered platform and bringing this new technology from our laboratory all the way to use in clinical CAR-T therapeutic applications.

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