Dimitri Schumacher

B.Sc. Biophysic (HU Berlin), M.Sc. Biophysic (HU Berlin)

I'm a biophysics master's student currently doing my master's thesis in the Klotzsch lab. My research focuses on mechanically induced phase transitions of FUS-protein. Some mutations of the FUS-protein are known to lead to aggregates, which play an important role in ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). My goal is to find out if and how mechanical stress affects the formation of FUS-aggregates in HEK-cells. This hopefully allows us to better understand the role of mechanical stress, such as traumatic brain injury, in the formation of protein aggregates. 
In my free time I enjoy playing music and going to local jam sessions.

Core Expertise

Confocal microscopy Cell culture ImageJ scripting Data Analysis

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