Hasan Simsek

MD (Marmara University, TR), PostDoc

I worked as a medical doctor and medical genetics specialist at Marmara University School of Medicine in Turkey. During this period, I became more interested in the diagnosis, treatment, and research of genetic diseases, especially neurodegenerative and immunological diseases. I am currently researching the effects of hydrostatic pressure on T cells as a postdoctoral Philipp Schwartz Initiative fellow in Prof. Klotzsch's lab. T cells are exposed to different levels of fluid pressure in different parts of our body. It has been shown in previous studies that these cells have different activation and differentiation states and that the fluid pressure in the tumor microenvironment has a negative effect on T cells. Better understanding the effect of fluid pressure on T cells and related mechanisms could potentially contribute to finetune their behavior towards adoptive immunotherapy.

Core Expertise

Medicine Immunlogogy Genetics

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