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Simon Mergenthal

M.Sc. Biology (JMU Würzburg), PhD student

I am a trained biologist at JMU Würzburg with interests in biophysics. I wrote my master thesis in the lab of Markus Sauer, who is known for his work in developing dSTORM. Currently, I am conducting my PhD studies in the Klotzsch lab, where I am building a PALM/STORM setup to study the dynamics of protein aggregation of Fused-in-sarcoma (FUS) mutants, which are known to be associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). FUS is a nuclear RNA/DNA-binding protein and involved in the regulation of RNA/DNA dependent processes (e.g. transcription, splicing and translation). The overarching goal is to find new insights to help finding a cure for motor neuronal diseases. In my spare time I love hiking and team sports, such as dodgeball. 

Core Expertise

palm/storm cell biology neurobiology protein aggregation

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